Wear depression to raise awareness


Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and one in four people globally will be affected by a common mental health issue in their lifetime.

Yet the stigma is alive.

Our mission is to eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding depression and other mental health issues. Our dream is to see the whole world wearing depression to show compassion and understanding to those affected by it.

Wear Depression to raise awareness.

Say: #youcantalktome.


“Small talk Collection” now available!

We just launched some new creations. It’s called: Small talk Collection. Five different designs. 100% recycled materials. Donations to Suicide-Prevention Center with every purchase. Go check it out!


We need to talk

We encourage people to talk about mental health and say to one another: #youcantalktome. Talking helps. By wearing Depression you can show that it’s completely OK to talk about mental health issues.


Wear Depression

Our products are made of 100% recycled textiles together with a Finnish company Pure Waste. When you buy any of our products, you also support suicide prevention: with every purchase, we donate to the work of Helsinki Suicide-Prevention Center. You will also get a free access to the online course about depression offered by Lifeclass (only in Finnish).

Instagram: @depressioco And #Youcantalktome (en) // #mullevoitpuhua (fin)