Official brand photography by Olli Luoma-aho & Markus Valtanen

Depressio &co. Finland-based clothing brand & creative project promoting mental health awareness.

We need to talk.

Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and one in four people globally will be affected by a common mental health issue in their lifetime. Yet the stigma is alive.

Our mission is to eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding depression and other mental health issues. Our dream is to see the whole world wearing depression to show compassion and understanding to those affected by it.

We encourage people to talk about mental health and say to one another: #youcantalktome. Talking helps. By wearing Depression you can show that it’s completely OK to talk about mental health issues.

Our products are made of 100% recycled textiles together with a Finnish company Pure Waste.

When you buy any of our products, you also support suicide prevention: with every purchase, we donate to the work of Suicide-Prevention Center.

By wearing Depression you will also get a free access to the online course about depression offered by Lifeclass (in Finnish // price 59€).

I’ve put a lot of thoughts on what I could have said to my friend who committed a suicide. A few simple words – “you can talk to me” – can have a life-changing impact. A person who suffers from depression might not be willing to talk but when they know that there’s someone who is there for them anyway, it can give hope and strength to go on.
— Martta Tervonen, Founder of Depressio &co.

Our Story

Hi there! I’m Martta, 29 years old and I come from Oulu which is a small city in Finland, Scandinavia. The idea for this project was born when I was struggling with burnout and depression in the end of year 2018. I noticed that there’s still a lot of stigma, shame and myths surrounding burnout, depression and other mental health issues. Personally, I was ashamed of my condition and tried to survive on my own for a long time – until finally I got the courage to talk about it and get help.

I founded Depressio &co. and launched the first collection in the beginning of 2019. The word “Depressio” (without the letter -n) stands for depression in Finnish which is my native language. I’m very grateful for the positive feedback and attention the project has received so far. Hundreds of Finnish people already wear Depression (including some of the most popular artists and celebrities) and many of them have spread the message on social media with hashtag #mullevoitpuhua = #youcantalktome.

Our story in the Finnish media:

Kaleva: "Pelkästään viesti, että olen tässä sinua varten, voi tuoda toivoa" – uusi oululainen vaatemerkki haluaa vähentää mie­len­ter­vey­son­gel­mis­ta kärsivien kokemaa häpeää ja yk­si­näi­syyt­tä

Oulu-lehti: “Martta kyllästyi häpeilemään uupumustaan ja perusti vaatebrändin, joka kannustaa puhumaan”

Depression and other mental health issues are many times invisible. In Finland, every fifth person suffers from depression in their lifetime. Imagine! Every fifth person you see. And yet, many of us think that we’re alone with our condition because you can’t see depression from the outside. I got an idea to make depression more visible so that we would understand how common it is; we would see that we’re not alone – and we could end the stigma around it.

What if people could “wear depression”?